82 Ocean Kennebunkport

Luxury Waterfront House Rental in Kennebunkport.

Special Note to Renters with Children…

Children: This is a Luxury Million $ House. Please appreciate we only want renters with well behaved, well-supervised children (ideally ages 10+, infants BEFORE they can crawl are fine too) to allow our luxury home to remain in pristine condition for all. If you have children, we appreciate parents who teach their kids not to touch every wall or appliance in the house. If you have children, please view this complete list of concerns for young ones. This home is surrounded by water and parents must supervise their children and guests at all times. Basically, we do not consider this the most child friendly property and we want to be upfront about that!

Windows & Screens: We know 1 to 8 year olds love to touch and lean on windows. As fascinated as tots are by windows, housekeepers equally dislike cleaning them. All screens are not to be dented or torn. If they are leaned on, scratched, dented or torn they will be replaced at your cost. But most important of all is your Child's safety and we have several LOW windows (particularly the 3rd floor) that should remained LOCKED with young ones in the house as screens of course do not prevent falling.

OUTSIDE: ALWAYS WEAR SHOES on lawn, back cove and in barn. There are old rusty nails, glass and wooden splinters all around the property and down by the Cove near the water. Please supervise children outside at all times with obvious attention to the waterfront, the tidal cove and the traffic on Ocean Avenue. NEVER wear shoes in house. Please use hose in back yard to remove sand.

Rock Retaining Wall: No climbing on the rock retaining wall to the cove (for added incentive to stay OFF these rocks, there maybe poison ivy here).

Barn/Garage: Children should NEVER play in the Barn, as this is an old structure with inherent risks, splinters, mice and rat poison etc.. NEVER open the back doors of Barn toward the Cove!

Gas Fireplaces: the 3 Gas Fireplaces can get VERY HOT! Children must be warned and/or watched at all times to be sure these are NEVER touched!

Tub: The Bath Tub is not a play area. No toys or items that will scratch this one of a kind Tub or surrounding glass are allowed.

LCD Screens (TV’s): Finger Prints can ruin an LCD TV Screen. Children must be warned and/or watched at all times to be sure these are NEVER touched.

Hard Wood Floors: if you have high chairs or playpens you must bring an extra throw blanket to place over hardwood floor to protect it from scratching. For the safety of your child and protection of our floors, walkers are NOT allowed in the house.

Cords on Blinds: The Cove Room and Captains Quarters have large windows and large blinds. When these blinds are pulled up (like you will want them) you must be sure tots cannot get tangled in the cords (keep playpens away).

Food: Should remain in the Kitchen and Dining Area only. If kids wander the house with food you are asked to clean this up.

Diapers: We supply trash bags BUT If you have babies in diapers we ask you please bring extra as you know you will go thru alot of small trash bags. Never place diapers in trash bin without trash bag liner.

No LANDSCAPING: On Land or in the Cove. Would think this one goes without saying, after all, you are on vacation. However, apparently we do have to say this as kids like to move rocks! PLEASE do not move any landscaping rocks, or any retaining wall rocks. Do not move rocks in the cove or try to divert or dam the water way in any manner.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit: Never leave children unattended near fire, the firepit should only be operated by adults, children should be kept at a safe distance and never touch the lava rocks or Copper Fire Glass (when in use or not). Do not place food, drink, clothing or flammable material on or near the firepit. Do not cook any food, marshmallows, etc on the firepit. Repeat - Sorry No Marshmallows!

No Feeding the Animals: It is NEVER ok to feed the chipmunks, squirrels, ducks, seagulls or ANY wild animal. It makes them aggressive toward humans and is not good for their digestive systems. Plus some carry harmful bacteria (ever heard of "duck itch") and pests to humans. And the chipmunks then decide they should move in... like literally into the basement too. And they do not pay!

Large Suitcases: This one is for EVERYONE. Appears everyone is traveling with larger and larger suitcases. Our halls are narrow so we ask all to be very careful not to scratch walls.

NOT Allowed at 82 Ocean without advance permission from Greg and Heather as these items scratch our hardwood floors:
  ~ High Chairs
  ~ Playpens
Note: as we do not market the house as kid friendly we do not provide these items. We will always grant permission for Playpens and High Chairs once you have read our concerns and agree to allow us to provide you a blanket to protect the hardwood floor this will sit on.

Sorry for the long list but this is for your family’s protection and the protection of our home. Unfortunately we have had our biggest headaches, problems and only damage from groups with kids ages 1 - 8 (an age where no matter how good the parents are it is hard to keep kids from experimenting and exploring). If you find any of these items a concern for your family, then this is probably not the rental for you.

Thank You,

Heather & Greg